The deceptive hands of Wing Chun – Douglas Wong

The book is written by a Kung Fu instructor (Douglas Wong) who doesndeceptive hands of wing chun‘t actually practice Wing Chun. It was published in 1982 and I suspect that the author jumped on the bandwagon of Wing Chun’s bloom following the death of Bruce Lee.


History of the art …..13
The Wing chun Family Tree …..18
Body zoning and gates …..21
Blocks and strikes of Wing Chun …..27
Hand fighting and senzitivity …..31
Kicks of Wing Chun …..47
Cham Kui- Searching of the bridge …..55
Free sparring techniques …..95
Wing Chun other aspects – Weapons and wooden dummy …..105
Conclusion …..111

The pictures are black & white and the text describes pretty much what can be seen in images. No deep explanations and the principles of Wing Chun remain untouched. Sometimes the stance of Douglas Wong is just plain wrong (no pun intended).

The book can be bought from here and I would recommend it only if you find it under 10$.

In my rating system receives ★★

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