What is Wing Chun

by Barry Lee

Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a sophisticated form of fighting, which develops an ultra-high level of feeling and instinctive reaction… “If you have to stop and think it’s too late!”
“If you have to always use your eyes, to see what your opponent is doing it’s too late!”. Ving Tsun teaches specific reactions to certain attacksbarry lee1 (as do all fighting styles) but exactly how you move is dependent on the “feeling” developed throughout the body from a unique training method called Chi Sao.

Chi Sao is designed to increase feeling ( sensitivity to changes in force & movement), flexibility, instinctive reaction, continuity and co-ordination of movement. It also teaches angles of attack, timeing, distancing, footwork and above all, a principle called Lut Sao Jet Chung,
which refers to a continuous forward force, often misunderstood but invaluable once mastered.

In Ving Tsun very great force can be generated from close quarters and good practitioners are magnificent “in-fighters”. Those who truly master the style are in no way disadvantaged by long range attacks however. ln fact the specific training to fight in close, generally makes a distance attack appear slow by comparison.

Ving Tsun teaches conservation of energy and simultaneous block and attack. Economy of motion, the principle of using the right amount of force at the right time is one of the corner stones of this exciting style. The kicks employed are usually very low, to the weaker areas and used in conjunction with the hands. Being a style which does not rely on brute muscular strength, but co-ordination of body movement, angles of attack, redirecting and using the opponents force and movement against them. Ving Tsun is particularly suitable to woman wanting a truly effective means of protection.

The term “Self Defence” is often misunderstood. As my Sifu, Legendary Master Wong Shun Leung once said: “How can you defend yourself, unless you can fight & win?”. Ving Tsun gives you the necessary tools (principles, techniques and practiced skill) to fight and win.

Understand the situation, know the technique, react without hesitation. “Feel, don’t think!”

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