The Science of In-Fighting – Eugene Bly

Today I read a  very bad book. I has only 76 pages (mostly pictures). The author doesn’t mention his instructor’s name and in my book this is a very strong sign of a fraud. If you eugene bly1are presenting your own ideas about something you don’t need to mention anybody. But if you are talking about something already good established (in this case Wing Chun Kung Fu) you must bring up your source.


About Sifu Junnie Bly…2
Introduction… 3
Origin of Wing Chun… 11
Wing Chun Code of Conduct …12
The Centerline Theory… 13
Principles and Concepts… 15
The 10 Essentials …16
Beginning Siu Nim Tau …17
How to practice Siu Nim Tau… 18
Siu Nim Tau Terminology …20
Kung Fu Greeting System …23
The Siu Nim Tau form… 24
Wall bag training …65
Dit Da Jiu (Hit fall wine) Herbal formula …67
Wing Chun 8 Fighting Principles …69
Martial Arts Nutritional Supplement …71
Wing Chun T-Shirts …72

I bought it  in kindle format but in the mean time it was withdrown. It can be found in paper format here or here. Don’t ask me why there are two versions (same number of pages but different covers).

In my rating system one little star ★ (i.e. do not buy it)


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