Guangzhou (Canton) Wing Chun

Wing Chun began with a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui, a Bak Hok Kuen (White Crane Boxing) practitioner who taught Miu Sun. Miu Sun took the good qualities and left out the weaknesses, and combined what he learned with his own invented style and then passed it along to Yim Yee. Yim Yee took all that he learned and passed them along to his daughter, Yim Wing-Chun. Yim Wing-Chun passed them along to her husband, Leung Bok-Lao. When Wing-Chun later passed away, Leung Bok-Lao commemorated her by naming the martial art Wing Chun Kuen (Praise Spring Boxing).

Leung Bok-Lao went to Guangzhou and taught Guangdonese opera performers of the Red Junk. “Tall Man” Chung, “Painted Face” Kam, Leung Yee-Tai, and Wong Wah-Bo were his four students.
Later, “Painted Face” Kam, in the city of Guangzhou passed along Wing Chun to Fung Siu-Ching. When Fung Siu-Ching was very old, he was honorably invited to Foshan by Yuen Kay-San and others to teach Wing Chun martial art skills.

Yuen Kay-San was born an avid martial art lover and had formerly followed a Wing Chun teacher named Kok Bo-Chuen (a student of Wong Wah-Bo’s) to learn martial arts. Later on when Yuen Kay-San and others honorably invited Wing Chun teacher Fung Siu-Ching to Foshan, and because Yuen Kay-San admired the excellent skills of Fung Siu-Ching, he enlisted himself to be one of the disciples. Because Yuen Kay-San martial art skills were learned from both Fung Siu-Ching and Kok Bo-Chuen, it is slightly different from the Wing Chun of Leung Jan (who was a student of Leung Yee-Tai’s and Wong Wa-Boh’s). Yuen Kay-San did not (formally) open a school to train disciples. Later on, the ones who inherited his skills are Sum Nung and others.

Guangzhou Wing Chun Kuen includes the following forms:

  1. Siu Lien Tao (Little First Training)
  2. Chum Kiu (Sinking Bridge)
  3. Biu Jee (Darting Finger)
  4. Hong Jong (Air Dummy)
  5. Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)
  6. Luk Dim Boon Gwun (Six and a Half Point Pole)
  7. Yee Jee Kim Yeung Dit Ming Do (Parallel Shaped Pinching Yang Life-Taking Knives)

By Fong Yiy-Gin, Hong Kong Chin Woo Annual. Roughly translated from Chinese.

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